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Head Teacher Well-being with James Pope of Heads Up

James Pope, Director of InspirEDucate and star of BBC 2's School documentary will set out how Heads Up, the support forum for school leaders, can help us all to face the challenges of a new school term with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

James will present how Heads Up can help you and will detail how Heads Up - a collective of school leaders who work together across the education system in England to:

  • Celebrate - school leaders' extraordinary set of skills and experiences
  • Support - for individuals who have been 'disappeared' from the system and those that feel they are vulnerable
  • Guide - provide advice and guidance to Head teachers unsure about their future career options
  • Highlight - shine a spotlight on the issue of 'disappeared' Head teachers and those that are fearful of becoming 'disappeared'
  • Challenge - systems and organisations in the education system that drive unethical behaviours towards school leaders


James is an experienced educational leader, having worked in school leadership for over a decade. Most recently, James was a Head teacher and Executive head teacher within the South West, working in schools facing significant challenges educationally and financially. His school featured in the BBC 2 documentary 'School'. James has been described as having acted with principles and dignity in exceptionally challenging circumstances.

James started InspirEDucate to devlop a network of like-minded leaders who can work collaboratively to support Head teachers, senior leaders and schools. Challenging the vision and strategic planning whilst offering advice, guidance and coaching support. James works to change the culture and ethos of the schools he works in and, more broadly, the education sector.

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