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NAHT Safeguarding E-learning CPD

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Keeping children safe in Education is a statutory guidance that schools and colleges in England must have regard to when carrying out their duties to safeguard and promote welfare of children. The revised guidance, upon which this training is based, came into effect on 2nd September 2019.

Governing bodies of maintained schools (including nursery schools) and colleges; proprietors of independent schools (including academies, free schools and alternative provision academies) and non-maintained special schools; and management committees of pupil referral units; should ensure that all staff in their school or college read at least Part one of the guidance. Annex A contains additional information about specific forms of abuse and safeguarding issues which should be read by school and college leaders, and those staff who work directly with children.

NAHT's e-learning CPD contains all the content of both Part one of the guidance and Annex A, plus lots of extra information from some of the many additional documents referred to in the guidance.

Staff can access the training in their own time and at their own pace, via accessible modules, each followed by a short assessment (parts of which are scenario-based) to check understanding. They may re-visit the modules as often as they wish to improve or refresh their knowledge. Modules 9 - 13 relating to Annex A are optional, so that support staff who do not work directly with children can choose whether to complete them.

Results are available to the designated safeguard leads so that they can check that the training has been completed and identify any areas of weakness. On completion, staff can obtain a certificate confirming they have passed. There is a refresher quiz to be completed three months after the main training has been completed.

The CPD is divided into 13 modules, divided into 4 parts. A summary of the content is detailed below.


Parts 1, 2 and 3 should be completed by ALL staff

Part 1: Roles and Responsibility

  • Module 1: What is my role?
  • Module 2: What is the role of the Designated Safeguard Lead?
  • Module 6: Record keeping and Information Sharing

Part 2: Recognising and responding to a safeguarding issue

  • Module 3: What you need to know about the safeguarding process
  • Module 4: What to look out for
  • Module 5: What to do if you have concerns about a child's welfare

Part 3: Raising a concern about other staff or safeguarding procedures

  • Module 7: Concerns about another member of staff
  • Module 8: Concerns about your school's safeguarding procedure

Part 4: Annex A - Specific forms of abuse and other safeguarding issues

  • Module 9: Courts, Children missing from education, Prison, Domestic abuse and homelessness
  • Module 10: Honour based Violence (so called) including FGM and forced marriage
  • Module 11: Preventing Radicalisation
  • Module 12: Child criminal exploitation - county lines
  • Module 13: Sexual exploitation, sexual violence and sexual harassment
in addition there us a Glossary, Acknowledgements and links to useful documents including Keeping Children Safe in Education.
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