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Mindfulness in schools

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Well-being for school leaders and teachers - how mindfulness can help recruit and retain staff

What can teachers do to help support themselves?
What can school leaders be doing to improve well-being in their schools?

This informative and engaging one-day course addresses the challenges of strengthening mental well-being for school staff and provides a mindfulness-based strategy to improve staff well-being within schools, both on an individual basis and as part of a whole-school approach.

While exploring the evolutionary basis of, and scientific evidence relating to, stress, you will receive a brief introduction to what mindfulness is and isn't; the theoretical framework underpinning it, and some basic practices which can support staff in their personal and professional lives. In particular, how these practices can help you to step back, notice choice points and work with difficulty as it arises. The cultural context and how to implement a strategy to improve well-being for individuals and across the whole school will also be considered.


  • Be equipped with practical tips and a mindfulness-based strategy for improving your own well-being
  • Understand how to implement this for the benefit of colleagues across the wider school culture


  • Acknowledge the causes of stress within schools

  • Explore the science of stress and how the mind works in stressful situations

  • Understand how mindfulness reduces stress and increases well-being

  • Learn practical tools for managing and reducing stress

  • Develop mindfulness-based strategies to improve and support well-being in schools


School leaders, experienced teachers, newly qualified teachers at the start of their careers, anyone who has responsibility for staff welfare, pastoral care and human resources, and school governors

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