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DSL Training - Safeguarding within the New Framework


This new course will bring Senior school staff and safeguarding governors completely up to date with current safeguarding legislation. Delegates will learn about updates within KCSIE September 2019 and the implications for safeguarding within the new inspection framework including specific advice on implementing the new behaviour criteria.

Delegates will also focus on the leadership aspects of safeguarding within school, how best to train school staff in safeguarding and how to enhance your early help strategies within school.


  • Ensure that you are up to date with the latest safeguarding statutory guidance from the DfE and Ofsted
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the behaviour expectations within the new inspection framework
  • Focus on best practice techniques for school leadership of safeguarding Ensure that internal school response procedures are robust
  • Evaluate how you embed safeguarding, internet safety and Prevent into the school curriculum
  • Assess your own site security and understand the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive


  • Understand the latest statutory requirements for safeguarding pupils and staff (Keeping children safe in education September 2020)
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the signs and indicators of abuse including child sexual exploitation, peer on peer abuse and upskirting
  • Learn how to develop processes for early identification of radicalisation and extremism
  • Assess your current practices for managing concerns and disclosures
  • Understand the expectations of the role of the Safeguarding Governor
  • Learn about safer recruitment updates
  • Develop a clear understanding of response to allegations against staff members
  • Develop a clear understanding of school wide response to peer-to-peer abuse
  • Learn how to evaluate your current site security according to the Health and Safety Executive guidelines



Senior staff, school leaders, DSLs, Deputy DSLs and safeguarding governors in all sectors.

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