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Communicating Above and Beyond to your local Media

Communicating above an beyond your local media

Book 26th February

Every day, school leaders are going above and beyond in how their schools respond to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. In adapting school life, curriculum and classrooms, and in getting the message out to their local parents and children that successful school life goes on.

This course will look at how you as a school leader can best publicise the fantastic work you are doing every day in making sure your school is performing effectively. Regardless of the daily challenges being put in your way!

This online NAHT course, delivered by NAHT’s Head of Media Steven George, will help you - together with your peers - work through:

• Golden rules in successfully handling the press

• Questions to ask yourself

• Do’s and Don’ts in media statements and interviews

• Common mistakes – and how to avoid them!

• Getting your preparation right

• Successful examples and case studies

Facilitator - Steven George, Head of Press & Media, NAHT


Head teachers and senior leaders in primary, secondary and 6th forms from maintained, academies, independent, special and alternative provision settings


To help school leaders and their staff put forward their stories successfully on how they are going above and beyond in the current situation.


Pre-course preparation

Delegates should bring with them copies of their current structure for leadership, teaching staff and support staff