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Assessing pupil progress for those working below the standard of national assessment: Life beyond the Rochford review

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In May, 2018, the Standards and Testing agency announced that they will be providing teachers with advanced notice of the final versions of the pre-key stage standards to be used in 2018-19. In Summer 2019, teachers must use these pre-key stage standards to make statutory teacher assessment judgements at the end of KS1 and KS2 for all pupils working below the national curriculum tests and teacher assessment frameworks, and above P4.

Through this training, Lorraine will bring you right up-to-date with the new content within each of the pre-key stage standards, and how they will need to be implemented in your school.

Aims and objectives

You will leave this course with:  

  • A clearer understanding of statutory assessment for pupils working below the standard of national assessments at the end of KS1 and KS2 
  • A clearer understanding of progress for pupils working below the standard of national assessments throughout their primary years   
  • A deeper understanding of the Rochford Review recommendations and their impact on schools   
  • An awareness of the implications for schools following the primary assessment and Rochford Review consultations   
  • Further knowledge of the requirements of Ofsted in terms of recording and reporting progress for pupils working below national standard   
  •  An increased awareness of the importance of good transition processes to support children with SEND


Lorraine Petersen


All school leaders, assessment co-ordinators and SENCos

Location and Date

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