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Staffordshire County Conference 2019 - Seminar descriptions

Seminar 1 - English as an additional language and New Ofsted Framework - Mark Sims, HMI National Lead for EAL and ESOL
Seminar Leader Profile

Mark Sims - Mark is one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors. He is a qualified teacher and holds a Masters of Arts qualification in bilingual education. He is Ofsted’s national lead for English as an additional language and English for speakers of other languages. (Before working for Ofsted, he gained extensive senior management experience in schools. As a senior local authority officer and head of a support service he worked closely with schools on equalities issues and raising achievement for vulnerable groups of pupils. He has particular expertise in leading inspections of schools and national surveys.)

Seminar 2 - Support and Challenge - Janet Keene, NAHT Regional Officer

When is it too much support and when is it too much challenge - getting the relationship with governors right.

Seminar Leader Profile

Janet has been an active trade unionist since joining the Civil Service in 1981. She was an elected union representative until becoming a full time officer in PCS in 2000 and latterly as NAHT Regional Officer from 2010 until her retirement earlier this year. She has extensive experience of supporting members in a wide range of issues.

Janet has also delivered a range of training courses in performance management, interview skills, complaints and grievance management, conduct and capability, governance as well as trade union casework and bargaining among other things.

She spent 15 years as a school governor of both a Primary and a Secondary School, including a period as Chair of Governors of the Secondary School.

Seminar 3 - Assessment without Deep Marking - Dawn Copping, Shaw Primary Academy, Thurrock
Seminar Leader Profile
Dawn is the head teacher of Shaw Primary School in Thurrock. She is recommended to speak at our conference by a number of our Staffordshire head teachers who have heard her refreshing and revitalising approach to assessment across the school. She takes no prisoners, and will only entertain an approach which is starightforward for teachers and also makes an impact upon pupils.