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Dealing with difficult people - a practical guide to handling complaints - Workshop 2

Workshop Synopsis

Unfortunately, a feature of modern leadership is that from time-to-time people are apt to complain about you. This workshop offers practical tips and strategies that you can use to deal effectively with these situations and emerge with your leadership, professionalism and sanity intact! We will examine how to manage and deal with the most difficult of people - whether they are staff, governors or parents.

The workshop will include early identification of issues, practical ways to respond and working with governors and employers to minimise the impact of complaints.  We will also look at how an effective complaints policy can help and protect school leaders.

Workshop Outcomes

Delegates will take away some practical tips which aim to apply to most situations and should be able to approach those difficult times with added confidence.

Target Audience

This workshop is aimed at less experienced or aspiring head teachers and a good refresher/reminder for more experienced heads.

Workshop Leader Profile

Beverley Haywood, Head of Representation & Bargaining, NAHT

Beverley Haywood originally qualified as a solicitor, has worked in HR in various sectors for over 20 years, including the education sector, the emergency services and private industry. Until recently, she was an NAHT Regional Officer and has been promoted to the Head of Representation & Bargaining.  Beverley is also a member within a multi-academy trust.