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Behaviour Drivers and how you can harness them to overcome stress and workload issues - Workshop 3

Workshop Synopsis

This workshop will provide an overview of Behaviour Drivers. It will help aspiring and new Heads gain a clear understanding of your own internal response to stress and workload issues. You will be supported to identify the degree to which your responses enable you to work at your best or otherwise. Through a series of interactive tasks and discussions, participants will be able to devise their own strategies for ensuring that amidst the busyness of life as a school leader, you are able to remain grounded and clear-headed, with a clear sense of purpose and direction when prioritising your workload.

Workshop Outcomes

By the end of this session, individuals will have:

  • identified what drives you and how this affects your approach to stress and workload issues
  • explored characteristics of the five key drivers and how to build on the strength of each as a leader
  • create an effective personal action plan to help minimise stress and support you to operate at your best when back in school
Target Audience

Newly appointed heads in the first two years of your appointment.

Workshop Leader Profiles

Viv Grant, Director of Integrity Coaching

Viv is a former Head teacher and author of 'Staying a Head'. She is the Director of Integrity Coaching, London's leading provider of coaching services for head teachers and senior school leaders. Viv is also an Advisory board member for the UK's first Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, at The Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University.