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Planning for Creativity: protecting children’s licence to play

Andrew Hammond - Senior Director of Learning, Discovery Education

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Session Synopsis

Can you plan for creativity? 
Can you – or even should you – assess it?
Or is true creativity dependent on spontaneity and rebellious thinking? When does play become learning and learning become working?  
Could creativity and academic rigour ever be playmates?

This workshop invites you to perceive creativity as a process, a procedure with clear and distinct stages to it – all of which are entirely compatible with classroom practice and school culture. Through careful planning and preparation, you can make time and space for the children to be free. Neither its unpredictability nor its reliance on original thinking should render creativity an unwelcome guest in our classrooms, whatever age our students – provided we understand it and plan for it properly.

Session Aims and Objectives

By the end of the session you will:

•    know more about the nature of creativity;
•    understand the four key stages in the creative process;
•    recognise the conditions in which creativity can flourish;
•    understand the important role language plays in assessing creativity;
•    have some practical tips and strategies to try out in your classroom!
Delegates will deepen their understanding of creativity as a process, recognise the stages of the creative process, understand what is needed in the classroom for creativity to flourish, and be able to plan carefully for creative activity in their classroom.

Outline programme

1. Introduction – what does creativity mean to you?
2. Creative as a process
3. Optimum conditions for creativity to flourish
4. The language of assessment
5. Tips and strategies to take away

Target Audience

Early Years up to Year 6 teachers, teaching assistants and leaders

Session Leader Profile

Andrew served in schools for over 20 years, as Class teacher, Head of Department, Deputy Head Teacher and Head Teacher. A prolific author, Andrew has written over thirty titles for a range of educational publishers, including Teaching for Creativity (John Catt) and the horror-fiction series CRYPT (Hodder Headline). He has a BA (Hons) QTS from Bath and an MA from King’s College London. He is currently studying for an Ed.D at Buckingham. Andrew joined Discovery Education in September 2019 as Senior Director of Learning. He designed the Pathway Programme and is series editor for its content. He is passionate about supporting teachers’ personal development as well as their professional development. 


Registration: 08:30

Finish: 16:00