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Head's Control Tower

David Gumbrell

Session Synopsis

In these unprecedented and difficult times, we all need to show resilience and determination as school and Early Years setting leaders in leading all young people, staff and other workers. This breakout session looks at practical steps you can take to increase your own resilience and encourage its development in those around you. Starting with you first, David will link the metaphor of air traffic control to the world of education. What can we learn from other industries and about ourselves?

Session Aims and Objectives
  • You will have considered your own well-being
  • You will have images and stories to support your positive thinking
  • You will feel more motivated to add self into compassion
  • To be reminded of the need to look after themselves
  • To reconsider what are sustainable practices
  • To be inspired to put the ideas into practice
Outline programme

Resilience, Well-being, Self-Compassion

Target Audience

All leaders in all sectors

Session Leader Profile

David has researched and published about resilience for the 3 years since he left Headship. Leaning into his 7 years of leading a school, he presents this experience in a fairly unique style by connecting with his audience to engage their interest before then delivering the connection to the key piece of learning that he wants them to consider and to reflect on. He wrote one of the Discovery Education Pathway courses and has published two books for teachers, called LIFT and RISK on resilience and decision making, and one book for children entitled The Amazing A-Z of Resilience.


Registration:  08:30

Finish: 16:00