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Building Professional Arrogance in our Teachers

Hannah Tudor, Head Teacher

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Session Synopsis

How confident are the teachers in your school?  Do they strive to be the best that they can be and own their own professional development?  Or are they self-critical, doubtful or defensive?

Do we own teaching and learning in our classrooms or do we use others to help us to shape the policy and practice in our schools?

Can it possibly be the case that to be arrogant in our role as teachers and leaders, we must first be vulnerable?

How, as leaders, do we empower our teachers to provide the best possible provision in the classroom?

This workshop invites you to think about how we build teachers to be resilient, determined and confident members of staff. Teachers who know how teaching and learning works in their schools and understand the part that they play in shaping it. Teachers who embrace feedback as part of getting it right rather than personal criticism. Teachers who are tenacious enough to challenge elements of school life that are not working well. Lastly, this workshop will consider the actions we take as leaders to build the confidence of our staff. Is it working? What if actions to build confidence are actually taking that confidence away?

Session Aims and Objectives
  • Know about professional arrogance and have reflected on its importance to learning in schools
  • Considered how teachers with professional arrogance may think, behave and contribute to school life
  • Explored the relationship between professional arrogance and vulnerability
  • Be able to reflect on our own schools and know who has strong professional arrogance within our teams
  • Have some ideas and suggestions of how to promote professional arrogance in school
  • Have looked at the climate within our schools and considered how that may be developing professional arrogance
  • Have some practical tips and tasks for harnessing vulnerability in school and turning weaknesses in to strengths
Outline programme
Introduction – What is professional arrogance and why is it so important?

Building professional arrogance – a school based approach.
Exploring the importance of vulnerability – owning  your weaknesses.
Tips, strategies and ideas to take back to school.

Target Audience

Senior and middle leaders

Session Leader Profile

Hannah is the Head Teacher of a primary school in Faversham, Kent.  She believes that the key to good schools is developing good teaching and the key to good teaching is good training, coaching and discussions around teaching. Hannah and her team have taken the school from Ofsted Inadequate to Outstanding in four years with the resolute belief that teachers can be highly effective and have a life! Here she explores leadership at each stage of the school’s journey and reflects on where the school is heading to beyond its “outstanding” judgement.


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Finish: 16:00