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No vocation is more important than education

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Frances O’Grady gave a rousing speech this afternoon at NAHT annual conference. She began by championing the work of school staff and stated that schools ‘instil a real sense of community, confidence and pride.’  With these communities dependent on the talented professionals that keep our school systems running on a daily basis, O'Grady highlighted the need to attract and keep our school staff in education. She called on the government to address the ongoing recruitment and retention crisis that is plaguing the education sector through a restorative pay rise for the whole education workforce.

The need for increased national school funding was also underlined. 'Schools have already cut their funding to the bone. They're now having to cut into the bone.' And currently, only one in 10 head teachers have the money to maintain standards in their schools. The need for additional funding for schools is stark.

She assured delegates that the TUC will keep fighting for fair rights and taxes for working people and that we will continue to work closely together to improve schools and the people working within them. ‘Keep fighting for your schools and your members, and together we will win a great education for everybody.’

O’Grady also covered some contentious political matters including the challenge of campaigning for issues affecting working people while ongoing Brexit discussions dominate the political airwaves. And mentioned that a top priority for the TUC is challenging and defeating hateful ideologies propagated by the political far-right.

First published 04 May 2019