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Amanda Spielman addresses NAHT annual conference

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Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman took centre stage this morning as she set the scene for the delivery of the new inspection framework this September.

The framework is expected to be published later this month and will come into effect from this September. Spielman referenced the framework’s consultation which took place earlier this year which attracted well over 15,000 responses. She said, ‘In drawing up this framework, and in considering the responses, we have never lost sight of the impact inspection has, on schools and on their leaders.’

She continued, “having reviewed the comments, we are deciding how they can be used to improve the framework in the interests of children first and foremost, their parents and of course of schools and the wider education sector.

And that order - children first, parents, providers - is important to me, because it reminds us not only of the core reason why Ofsted exists, but also of the multiple purposes that our inspections must serve.”

Spielman went on to cover some of the key challenges being felt by schools and their communities including knife crime, children dropping out before the end of compulsory education and tension surrounding religious belief and relationship education, in the context of LGBT issues.

She said, “It is so often the case that schools are expected to be the magic bullet to deal with a whole range of societal issues, even when they may be ill-equipped, or inadequately resourced, or simply the wrong place to tackle the issues.”

She also clarified that head teachers must not lose the right to exclude, “I have defended the right of heads to exclude permanently in the small number of cases where it is necessary to do so. It cannot be right that the ultimate sanction, used properly, be removed from head teachers.

First published 04 May 2019