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Current vacancies on National Executive

The role and responsibilities of National Executive Members

All members of NAHT National Executive are elected to represent a district/region or a particular section of the membership.  As part of the Regional Review motion passed at Conference 2015 it was agreed to remove electoral districts and elect geographical National Executive members directly from their regions and replace sector committees with sector councils comprising National Executive members directly elected from their sector. Specifically, Executive members:

  • participate in the strategic oversight of the Association’s affairs and the determination of policy during periods between annual conference

  • represent the views of the members in an NAHT district/region at the national level, or represent a section of the membership for whom they have been elected to serve

  • act as a channel of communication between members, branches and regions in their area with the National Executive and headquarters staff

  • offer and provide support to local branches and associations through personal contact with local officials and their regular attendance at selected local meetings

  • work with other Executive members in a NAHT region, and with local officials, to promote the business of the region, including local initiatives to support and/or recruit new members

To apply for a National Executive vacancy, please fill out a nomination form below and send the completed form to Christina Davey via:, 01444 472456.

Other Vacancies available on National Executive

For details of current vacancies please contact Christina Davey via:, 01444 472456.

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