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International committee

Chair: Tim Bowen, head teacher, Maple Primary School, St Albans

We know schools across the globe face similar challenges to us in the UK. It is important that we reach out to our international community of educators to learn from one another and exchange best practice. From examining other cultures’ practices and perspectives, we can help our schools to enrich their teaching and, most importantly, deliver the best education for our children.  

This committee acts as a voice for our members on international matters and supports us to create a global education perspective for learners. It does this by identifying, promoting and exchanging best education leadership practice in the UK and worldwide.  The group also steers and informs our policy on global leadership and management issues. And it ensures our members keep up-to-date with the latest international research and evidence.

Latest international news

International organisations and projects we support.

Areas of focus for the committee include the following:

  • The Erasmus+ project that’s currently running through the eastern region
  • To establish and build on links with other international agencies, such as UNICEF and the British Council.

For any questions about the committee, get in touch with our director of democracy and governance by emailing