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Ofsted - a change for the better?

Thank you to all members who have told us how Ofsted’s new inspection framework is playing out in your schools. 

We’ve gathered together the feedback from your emails, discussions at regional and branch meetings, and conversations with our policy team to inform our new report which sets out NAHT’s emerging findings on the new inspection arrangements.  

You told us:

  • The new framework tries to do too much; inspectors cannot hope to fulfil its demands. Too often judgements are formed on a scant evidence base. 
  • Ofsted has adopted a secondary lens through which to judge the primary curriculum which is proving to be deeply problematic in primary schools. 
  • Ofsted’s curriculum methodology is driving new workload and demanding a model of curriculum management that schools do not have the capacity or resource to implement.

Read the full report below. 

What happens next?

We’re pressing Ofsted and the DfE at the highest levels to listen to and work with the profession to make improvements to the framework.

We have also launched an ongoing survey which will give us more evidence for our campaign. (Please note that members will need to be logged in to access the survey.)

We’re asking every member whose school is, or has been inspected since September 2019, to complete it. We need you to feedback your experiences, both good and bad. The survey will be open all year.

Early next month your national executive will meet to discuss the head teachers’ round table call for school leaders to stop working as Ofsted inspectors. 

We’ll keep you informed about our campaign through your weekly members’ newsletter.

First published 12 February 2020