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Fund Our Children's Future 2021

Independent research has shown there has been an effective 13-year real-terms freeze in school funding, representing an unprecedented period of, at best, flat investment in a generation of pupils and students. 

NAHT remains committed to shining a spotlight on the underfunding of schools and we continue to campaign for a significant and sustained improvement in school funding. 

We are also calling on the government to renew England’s decrepit school estate. School capital funding remains wholly insufficient to upgrade the nation’s schools to meet the needs of pupils in the twenty-first century.

On Thursday 30 September, NAHT and NEU submitted a joint submission to the government's Comprehensive Spending Review 2021. The submission outlines the level of investment needed to return school funding to 2015-16 levels, and challenges the government to back up their 'fine words' with urgent action.

On Wednesday 27 October, NAHT general secretary Paul Whiteman gave his response to the chancellor’s budget and spending review announcements, pointing out that “The increase in per pupil spending announced takes us back to 2010 levels, but this is no proud boast; in fact, it represents a failure to invest in children’s futures for over a decade.”

Our latest funding survey:

The impact of this chronic underfunding of England’s schools is laid bare by the findings of our latest funding study of school leaders. 

  • One in four school leaders predict a deficit budget in 2021/22 (based on current funding levels)
  • 31% said they made cuts to balance their budget in 2020/21; 35% expect to have to in 2021/22.
  • 97% said SEND funding is insufficient.
  • 95% said top-up funding for pupils with EHC plans is insufficient.
  • 79% said they had to buy in additional services that weren’t available, or accessible, from health and social care.
  • 83% say they don’t have sufficient capital funding to maintain their existing buildings and facilities.


Read the report in full here.

NAHT’s funding campaign

It is a crucial time for our schools and now more than ever, we must ensure the chancellor delivers for our children and young people’s futures in the comprehensive spending review this autumn.

We are working alongside colleagues from other education unions, teachers, parents and governors across the country who are passionate about the future generation to make sure our voices are heard and the government commits to invest in our children’s future.

How you can help?

Support our campaign and make sure the government prioritises education in the upcoming comprehensive spending review.

  1. Download and circulate our flyer which outlines the impact underfunding is having on schools. 
  2. Share your experience of leading your school while trying to balance your budget on Twitter or Facebook. Please make sure to tag @NAHTNews and use the hashtag #FundOurChildrensFuture.
  3. Write to your MP and outline your experience about how funding has affected your school. 
  4. Support our campaign calling on the government for a long-term commitment for maintained nursery schools.


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