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NAHT responds to the Labour Party's 2024 general election manifesto

Responding to the Labour Party's general election manifesto, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of the school leaders union, NAHT said:

"The Labour Party is right to say that a major reset is needed in the relationship between government and the teaching profession. For too long school leaders have got used to government making their jobs harder, rather than supporting them – that must change.

"The Labour Party manifesto released today includes a number of positive policy proposals when it comes to schools. Confirmation that a future Labour government would reform school inspection and remove simplistic single-word judgements is extremely welcome. The current system no longer provides useful information to parents or schools, and NAHT stand ready to help design a fairer, proportionate and more humane approach to school accountability.

"We also welcome the pledge for a renewed child poverty strategy. School leaders see first-hand the damage that child poverty causes, and they are dealing with the consequences every day. Lifting children out of poverty is crucial to helping them succeed at school and improving their life chances.

"Labour is right to focus on the recruitment and retention crisis facing schools. The pledge to recruit 6,500 new teachers is welcome.  To realise the pledge, Labour will need to commit to making teaching an attractive proposition for graduates once again. That will need to include competitive levels of pay and a manageable worked so that the necessary number of teachers can be both recruited and also retained.

"We support Labour’s commitment to carry out a review of the curriculum should they form the next government. We have been clear that the current curriculum is over-crowded and any review should start by looking at where we can sensibly reduce unnecessary content. NAHT stand ready to be a part of any such review.

"There are a number of policy ideas that will require close work with the profession if they are to succeed. Plans for extended nursery provision and breakfast clubs in schools could be positive for families but they will require careful planning and the right levels of funding so that we don’t put unrealistic expectations onto already stretched school staff.

"An incoming Labour government will also need to look carefully at the level of funding that is required to rebuild the school system, particularly when it comes to crucial areas such as SEND provision and school buildings, both of which have suffered from over a decade of chronic underfunding."


First published 13 June 2024