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Head teachers say cuts in school funding a 'catastrophe for our children'

Responding to a new Education Policy Institute (EPI) report, which shows that schools could lose over £1 billion by 2030 in funding due to falling pupil numbers, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of the largest school leaders’ union NAHT, said:

“Schools are already strapped for cash – and even with a dip in pupil numbers, any further cuts to funding would be a catastrophe for our children. Instead, the drop in pupil numbers provides the government with an opportunity – by maintaining current funding levels, schools could keep current staffing levels, paving the way for smaller class sizes, and targeted support for pupils.

“In places where there is a more significant short-term drop in numbers, such as London and the northeast, we urge the government to take a pragmatic, long-term view. It would be a waste to allow smaller schools to close, only for there to be a need for more places in those areas further down the line.”

First published 11 April 2024