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NAHT comments on suggestion schools have been slow to respond to RAAC

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: "Any attempt to start shifting the blame onto individual schools will be seen by parents and public for what it is: a desperate attempt by government to deflect from its own significant failings. The facts are clear: the current crumbling school estate is the direct result of ministerial decisions to slash capital budgets.

"Furthermore, the government has known about the risks associated with RAAC for many years but has only recently sent out these surveys to responsible bodies. We now have clear evidence that despite all the warnings, the government was not willing to pay for the rebuilding projects that were so desperately needed.

"The fact that we now have classroom ceilings held up by metal poles and classrooms put out of use completely is a reflection of the neglect and cuts we have been warning about for years. The responsibility for this situation sits squarely on the government’s shoulders and no amount of deflection and distraction will change that.”

First published 05 September 2023