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School leaders respond to statement from Ofsted Chief Inspector on Ruth Perry tragedy

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “Ofsted has completely underestimated the strength of feeling amongst educational professionals. The warm words and sympathy they have expressed are welcome, but they are simply not enough.

“School leaders want to see tangible actions being taken to reduce the intolerable pressure that the current inspection regime places on everyone in schools, and they want to see those actions now.

“We are not against inspection per se, we simply believe that a fairer, more humane approach is possible. We also believe parents would support a new approach.

“The decision not to pause inspections, even for a short period, was a terrible mistake. It only serves to reinforce the view that Ofsted is tin-eared and shows scant regard for the wellbeing of school leaders.

“We believe this should be a watershed moment and Ofsted should look at this the same way too. Now is the time to work together for a completely new approach to school inspection. Carrying on as normal is not an acceptable answer.”

First published 24 March 2023