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 A regular look at the issues that affect all sorts of leaders in schools, brought to you by NAHT. 

NAHT director of policy James Bowen can often be found in conversation with the key thought leaders and people who can directly affect what's happening in teaching. It's a unique listen and the only podcast like it in the sector.

Making sense of the metrics

Husham Khan, author of the best-selling book Financial Intelligence for School Business Leaders, speaks to NAHT’s Natalie Arnett about the pressures facing finances in schools, new ways to tackle them and the changing nature of the school business leader (SBL) role – and how the role is vital for dealing with some of the challenges ahead, including soaring energy costs and cybersecurity.

Along with exploring many of the new financial concepts outlined in his book, which schools and trusts can use to enable more informed and effective decision-making – such as the ‘pandemic ratio’ – in this episode of NAHT's School Leadership Podcast, Husham also talks about the importance of considering emotional as well as financial intelligence as part of holistic budget planning in schools.

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First published 25 May 2022