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 A regular look at the issues that affect all sorts of leaders in schools, brought to you by NAHT. 

NAHT director of policy James Bowen can often be found in conversation with the key thought leaders and people who can directly affect what's happening in teaching. It's a unique listen and the only podcast like it in the sector.

The science of learning


What does research say about the science of learning, and what does it mean for school leaders? In a conversation that takes in his experience of working with Manchester United and Olympic athletes, plus the impact of high expectations, lack of sleep and mobile phones, registered psychologist Brad Busch talks to NAHT’s James Bowen about how we can start to make sense of the wide range of educational research that exists. 

Brad is co-author of The Science of Learning: 77 Studies That Every Teacher Needs to Know. You can see 30 summaries from the book free at blog.innerdrive.co.uk/studies, and for more about Brad’s work, see www.innerdrive.co.uk.

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First published 06 July 2021