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The government confirms starting pay for teachers to rise to £30,000 by 2022/23

On Monday the government announced that starting salaries for new teachers will rise to £30,000 by 2022/23.  The Secretary of State made a commitment to set a remit for the School Teachers Review Body (STRB) proposing an increase to starting salaries by up to £6,000 per annum, which will be delivered through the increase to school funding that was announced last Friday.  We are keen to understand the details of this plan and to ascertain the likely cost to schools.

The pay announcement also confirms that the STRB will be asked to make recommendations on ‘…additional pay reform, including the introduction of progression points in pay …linked to performance’, and makes a specific commitment to deliver flexible working.

Overall, this is a positive move, NAHT has long campaigned for more competitive starting pay that will create a stronger proposition for a career in teaching.  We expect that the pay of early career teachers will be earmarked to increase at the fastest rate over three years.  At the time of writing, we have little information about how pay will increase for experienced teachers or school leaders but we’re clear that urgent action is required to develop support and develop leaders.  NAHT will continue to lobby vigorously for pay uplifts that will reflect and properly reward the roles, responsibilities and professionalism of all school leaders, and support the career ‘pipeline’ into leadership.


First published 04 September 2019

First published 04 September 2019