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LA moderation of writing: moderation 'script' for 2019

Revised teacher assessment guidance for schools and local authorities has been published for both KS1 and KS2 in 2019. Schools will be informed on or after Friday 17 May if they are going to receive an external moderation visit, and those visits will take place between Tuesday 4 June and Thursday 27 June.

NAHT received feedback from members with concerns about moderation in 2018 and we negotiated to achieve key changes. As a result of NAHT's input, several clarifications and additions have been made to the guidance.

In particular, the section on local agreements has been reviewed with regard to content and clarity, and the guidance is now absolutely clear that local authorities (LAs) cannot require schools to sign a non-statutory agreement and that this must be a collaborative process agreed upon by all parties.

Mandatory national moderator training continued this year and NAHT has ensured the training materials used for this training are available to schools. You can access these materials through NCA Tools.

There may still be some challenging discussions with LA moderators and  you will find some suggested responses to particular issues or questions that may arise below. We hope that the 'script' will support you to take control of the LA moderation process.

First published 16 April 2018

First published 25 June 2019