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Edtech programmes and events

Below are a few messages from the Department for Education's (DfE's) Edtech team. 

Demonstrator schools and colleges programme

The DfE is looking for schools and colleges to apply for the newly-launched EdTech demonstrator schools and colleges programme. This programme is aimed at schools and colleges who are using technology effectively and are keen to share their best practice with other education establishments. This may include, for example, offering support and guidance on the effective use of technology to reduce workload, create efficiencies, improve accessibility and inclusion, and ultimately support excellent teaching and learning. The deadline for applications is 22 November 2019. More information and the application form can be found here. 

Education technology innovation testbed

The DfE, in partnership with Nesta, is looking for schools and colleges to participate in the EdTech Innovation Testbed. This programme aims to help schools and colleges trial promising technology products that are suited to their needs for free, with hands-on support from evaluation experts. Applications for the Testbed are now open and will close on 25 November 2019. More information can be found here. Please email edtechinnovation@nesta.org.uk if you have any queries. 

LearnED roadshow events

The DfE, in conjunction with the British Educational Suppliers Association, is inviting school leaders to attend the LearnED roadshow. This is a series of 10 one-day conferences that provide access to peer-to-peer guidance and first-hand insights on using technology in schools. Each training event provides a platform for senior leaders, digital leads and other teaching professionals to share best practice, school-wide implementation methods and advice on the use of technology in the classroom. The full agenda plus details of how to secure a free place can be found at LearnED.org.uk

First published 23 October 2019

First published 23 October 2019