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NAHT members join TUC LGBT+ Conference in 2024

Every year, the TUC hosts a series of equality conferences that focus on supporting the advancement of issues that disproportionally impact minority groups. The last in this year’s series was the TUC LGBT+ Conference in London, on 27 and 28 June 2024.

NAHT was represented by seven NAHT members from across our regions, who discussed and supported calls across a plethora of areas put to the conference, all of which disproportionately impact LGBT+ workers.

  • Motion themes put to the conference included:
  • support for LGBTQIA+ people internationally
  • campaigning for and defending LGBT+ rights 
  • protecting LGBT+ access to healthcare
  • supporting LGBT young people and staff in our schools
  • support for the trans community.

The event included addresses from TUC general secretary Paul Novak, Lord Collins of Highbury, deputy leader Labour Peers and shadow minister for foreign affairs and international development, and TUC president Matt Wrack. Delegates also had the opportunity to join fringe discussions and wider union networking sessions.

The conference was another huge success and our delegates left feeling enthused and eager to continue engagement with the wider union movement on support for LGBT+ workers.

Interested in attending the TUC's LGBT+ Conference in 2025?

Register your interest by emailing policy@naht.org.uk.

First published 02 July 2024