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Relaunch of the School Cuts website

Tomorrow (Saturday, 24 February 2024), in partnership with NEU, ASCL and ParentKind, we will be relaunching our joint campaign website, School Cuts (https://schoolcuts.org.uk/), aimed at urging the prime minister to prioritise school funding.

Our primary ask remains consistent: an additional investment of £12.2bn for next year. This funding allocation is essential to address critical issues within our education system, including restoring school spending power to 2010/11 levels in real terms, meeting capital investment recommendations from the Office for Government Property and preventing the worsening of the crisis in special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) support.

This relaunch builds on the momentum generated by our priority campaigns, launched at the start of February. By renewing our efforts and amplifying our message through this joint campaign, we aim to mobilise support further and push for tangible action from policymakers.

Please visit the campaign website when it relaunches tomorrow, with its updated statistics showing how much funding has been cut from all schools since 2010/11 (in terms of cuts to their spending power) and what this equates to on a per-pupil basis, and to actively engage in promoting it to your respective networks and communities, encouraging members to sign the petition asking prime minister Rishi Sunak to avoid a funding crisis for schools next year. 

To bolster your outreach efforts, campaign graphics are available here for your use on social media. These resources will help amplify our message and reach a wider audience.

Together, we can continue to drive positive change and secure the necessary resources for our schools and pupils.



First published 23 February 2024