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Disability History Month: 18 November-18 December 2021

Disability History Month is celebrated every year during November and December as a celebration of the history, achievements and contributions of people with disabilities in the UK. The month also creates a platform to focus on the history of disabled people's struggle for equality and human rights.

Started in 2010, Disability History Month has become a huge success – running events, providing resources and giving a voice to individuals with disabilities across the UK. The joint themes for UKDHM 2021 are 'disability and hidden impairment' and 'disability, sex and relationships'.

NAHT recognises Disability History Month 2021 as a positive opportunity to support schools in their ongoing work to celebrate the achievements and contributions of people with disabilities to the UK and around the world, both during the month itself, but also throughout the year.

The month can also provide a chance to focus on and/or improve awareness of issues affecting different communities, and an opportunity to explore experiences and histories not currently included within the core educational curriculums and/or resources.

Events and resources

You can access a range of resources on the Disability History Month website.

The TUC is also running a number of webinars to mark the month:

  • The Social Model of Disability – Building Representation and Pride – 2 December at 6pm
  • Long Covid - An invisible Impairment – 9 December at 6pm

Find out more and sign up for these TUC webinars.

Join us in celebrating DHM21

Join us in helping to celebrate DHM by sharing with us on social media sharing some of the work you're doing in your schools to mark DHM, using and @NAHTnews.

First published 17 November 2021