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NAHT & NEU call for Boris Johnson to ‘keep his promise’ on education in the Comprehensive Spending Review

Today (30 September) NAHT and NEU have put forward a joint submission to the upcoming 2021 spending review, setting out the priorities that the government and the Department of Education must address as a matter of urgency.

The submission outlines the twofold challenges facing school and colleges – recovery from the damage caused to children's education and tackling the legacy of underfunding since 2010.

Although Boris Johnson has clearly stated his commitment to education recovery, we are urging him – and chancellor Rishi Sunak – to back up the fine words with concrete proposals and adequate funding.

Rejecting their own recovery Tsar’s proposal for recovery funding of £15 billion for schools and colleges was a disappointing start. And with our submission identifying a £7.3b shortfall in schools funding in 2021-22, projected to rise to £12.9bn in 2024-25, it is time for the government to respond to the challenge.

Read the full submission here.

First published 30 September 2021