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NAHT responds to government consultation on fire safety in schools

On 17 August, NAHT signed a joint letter to the Secretary of State for Education, covering its response to the government's consultation on its non-statutory guidance in England, on 'Design for fire safety in schools: building bulletin 100' (BB100).

The letter, written by a coalition of fire safety and education organisations, urges the government 'to immediately reconsider and expand its proposals to mandate sprinklers in all new build and major refurbished school projects, not just special educational needs (SEN) schools, boarding schools and those over 11 metres.'

At the same time, NAHT submitted its formal and detailed response to the government's consultation on fire safety in schools in England

NAHT is clear in its response that the government must listen to the call from experts and commit to going further for children to ensure their safety and the protection of their schools.

First published 18 August 2021