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Research report from Just Like Us on the impact of school, home and coronavirus on LGBT+ young people

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Just Like Us has published a re​se​arch report, Growing Up LGBT+, into the impact of school, home and coronavirus on LGBT+ young people. The research shows that LGBT+ young people today are still disproportionately facing bullying, lack of safety in school, more frequent tension at home and alarmingly poor mental health and well-being.

Key findings:

  • 25% of LGBT+ young people are facing daily tension at home, compared to 15% of non-LGBT+ young people
  • 68% of LGBT+ young people say their mental health has 'got worse' since the pandemic, compared to 49% of their non-LGBT+ peers
  • LGBT+ young people are three times more likely to self harm and twice as likely to have depression, anxiety and panic attacks, as well as to be lonely and worry about their mental health on a daily basis
  • 84% of young people are pro-trans but are less likely to think their school's staff are (76% think so)
  • 43% of staff are unsure if colleagues would be comfortable coming out as LGBT+ at their school or college
  • Only 33% of LGBT+ pupils say there is a clear process for reporting anti- LGBT+ bullying in their school
  • LGBT+ pupils feel far less safe at school. Only 58% of LGBT+ pupils have felt safe at school on a daily basis in the past 12 months, compared to 73% of non-LGBT+ pupils
  • LGBT+ young people are twice as likely to have been bullied in the past year (43% compared to 21% of their non-LGBT+ peers.) 18% of LGBT+ young people haven't told anyone they've been bullies and just 21% told a teacher at school
  • 48% of pupils have had little to zero positive messaging about being LGBT+ at school in the last 12 months
  • 31% of LGBT+ primary, secondary and college staff say their colleagues and school board are a barrier to doing LGBT+ inclusion work with pupils.

Read the full report here.



First published 25 June 2021