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 Our termly magazine for NAHT members. 

Leadership Focus April 2021

Leadership Focus magazine March 2021
The magazine for NAHT and NAHT Edge members


When we discussed which features to write for this issue, it was still impossible to consider an edition of the magazine that didn’t discuss covid-19. This gave us something of a challenge as the situation changes so rapidly that much of what we could say would have been out of date by the time you read it. That said, we know one issue affecting schools that isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, and that’s the escalating financial costs that schools are facing due to the pandemic. In our feature, we crunch the numbers and include several case studies from members who highlight the reality of the situation on the ground and share how they have set about trying to balance the books. 

Away from covid-19, you’ll also find our latest feature on the pressing issue of leadership pay. The profession now finds itself facing a real-terms pay cut despite already experiencing a recruitment and retention crisis. This feature highlights the findings from our latest report on the issue and provides an update on how we’re calling on the government to fix it.

Finally, we share the story of NAHT’s momentous campaign win on the Isle of Man, which proved to be a fascinating story of how members worked together to secure a landmark pay agreement. It really is a thrilling read.

I hope you continue to enjoy these digital stories alongside our print magazine.

David Gilmore
NAHT head of communications


First published 01 April 2021