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 Our termly magazine for NAHT members. 

Leadership Focus December 2023


Leadership Focus magazine December 2023
Interactive features on some of the most pressing issues facing school leaders today.


We’re pleased to share with you the final issue of Leadership Focus for 2023, and we hope it’s something you enjoy reading before taking a well-deserved break.
Inside, you’ll find some great long features on the ongoing RAAC crisis, which, after all the sensationalist headlines have been put to one side, tells the authentic story of how school leaders and their teams in affected schools have kept the impact on pupils’ learning to a minimum while navigating such a serious issue that stems from the long-standing underfunding of the capital estate.
Elsewhere, we have a fabulous feature sharing the experiences of school leaders in rural, small schools. We spoke with members in such schools who gave us a unique insight into how these institutions are at the cornerstone of their communities and some of the specific challenges they face, including how the funding system can put such schools at a significant disadvantage.
Further on, you’ll find a brand new feature on the work of NAHT’s International Committee: how it is supporting the union in ensuring it takes a global perspective on education and making sure NAHT is seen as an international trade union, with strong links to other trade unions all over the world.
We wish you a very good remainder of the term, and we look forward to bringing you your next issue in 2024.

David Gilmore
NAHT head of communications

First published 07 December 2023