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More than 1.5 million pupils in the UK are classified as having English as an Additional Language (EAL). Pupils with EAL have been at a greater disadvantage during the COVID-19 pandemic; remote learning has been a big challenge for children who need targeted and regular exposure to English to develop their social & academic language skills. Disruptions in education mean that now more than ever, pupils with EAL need practical and pastoral support to boost learning outcomes.

FlashAcademy is the only digital platform to deliver accelerated English language learning from 45 home languages, including English to English lessons, to help ensure no child is left behind in their education. Accessible on all devices including smartphones, FlashAcademy supports curriculum learning in the four areas of language development to help EAL children reach their full academic potential and develop better social relationships, which is crucial for new arrivals. FlashAcademy comes equipped with a dashboard so teachers can assign work and track progress to help identify gaps in learning, helping teachers to spend less time delivering but more time planning their lessons.

FlashAcademy, a BETT 2021 Finalist for the Covid-19 Response Champions Awards, is trusted by over 500 UK schools and used by tens of thousands of learners as they accelerate their English language development. Providing accessible learning on all devices including smartphones has proven crucial during a very challenging time for education. For Claire Evans, Deputy Head at Anderton Park Primary School, the technology has had a great impact on her EAL learners:

“It is without doubt that children who are new to English make rapid progress when using Flashacademy. The fact that it can also be used at home with families is a huge plus factor, so the learning doesn’t stop. Over 60% of our pupils with EAL progressed by at least one proficiency grade over 12 months – it is having a tremendous impact for our pupils.”


Discover today how FlashAcademy can help your EAL learners to excel in their English language development and settle into school life in the UK. NAHT members recieve a 5% discount towards a FlashAcademy school licenece when quoting 'NAHTFLASH'.


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