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Created by teachers, for teachers, DoodleLearning and Espresso are here to raise attainment, boost pupil confidence, and make teachers’ lives easier.


Discovery Education DoodleLearning



Meet Doodle, the suite of programmes revolutionising the way children learn! Covering the core areas of maths and English, our four apps boost children’s confidence and ability, whilst reducing teacher workload.

Here’s how:

  • Doodle baselines pupils for you, creating a tailored work programme for their specific needs
  • Plugs learning gaps + consolidates knowledge, so you can cover new content in the classroom without worrying about pupils falling behind
  • Is proven to raise attainment when used for just 10 minutes a day (perfect for starters, extension tasks, homework or as a transition tool)
  • Sets and marks all work for you, giving you instantly exportable progress data to inform lesson planning, PPMs and report writing
  • Keeps pupils engaged with fun, interactive questions that they can complete independently


Discover more about DoodleLearning and your exclusive NAHT offers here.


Discover more about DoodleLearning


Discovery Education Espresso


Meet Espresso the digital landing platform that inspires teachers and immerses pupils in their learning with empowering educational resources, covering the breadth of the curriculum.


  • Makes teachers’ lives easier by supporting lesson planning, from EYFS to KS2, with compelling and engaging ready-to-use, and customisable, resources
  • Saves invaluable time, letting teachers instantly assign activities in-class or as home learning (Espresso even marks the work for you!)
  • Covers core and foundation subjects, from maths and English to geography and DT
  • Supports an inclusive classroom through adaptable resources and embedded accessibility features, like translations and audio dictation
  • Offers a cost-effective solution, with everything teachers need to teach the entirety of the curriculum, in one place (say goodbye to multiple schemes, subscriptions and platforms!)


Discover more about Espresso and your exclusive NAHT offers here.


Discover more about Espresso