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  • WandP Homepag.png NAHT Wellness and ProtectStaff absence protection with complementary whole school well-being and leadership support.
  • WandP Homepag.png NAHT RecruiterEverything you need for your recruitment all in one place, with this exclusive offer as part of your membership.
  • Discovery EducationThe proud creators of inspiring EdTech programmes: DoodleLearning | Espresso | Coding |Health & Relationships | Sandbox AR
  • APPG SEND.jpg Education SupportAs a member of NAHT, you can access a dedicated, confidential counselling and support helpline 24/7, provided by Education Support.
  • CIEANAHT is working with the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors to encourage every school to have a Lead Assessor.
  • NAHT Artwork website carousel.png FlashAcademy® EAL Boost outcomes for EAL students - book a free trial today and receive your complimentary resource pack.
  • NAHT Artwork website carousel.png 2Simple Know my School by 2simple: bringing balance to school improvement
  • Judicium Education Judicium Education provide a trusted Clerking Service, Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Safeguarding Training for NAHT members.


Member feedback

If you have feedback on any of our current partnerships, or you would like to recommend any new products or services please email your suggestions to partnerships@naht.org.uk.


NAHT has carefully selected third parties, referred to as 'NAHT partners’. NAHT members are offered certain products and services from NAHT partners on preferential or otherwise beneficial terms. These products and services are not offered or provided by NAHT but rather by NAHT partners. Accordingly, NAHT members wishing to purchase selected products and services must do so direct from the relevant NAHT partner. In connection with the promotion of these selected products and services, NAHT grants its partners the right to use the name NAHT and the NAHT partner logo. As part of its investigations and taking account of ongoing member feedback, NAHT is confident that the products and services offered by its partners in connection with NAHT are worthy of serious consideration by school leaders. Notwithstanding this, each NAHT member acknowledges that in selecting such products and services, they have not relied on any endorsement or association with NAHT and shall have no remedies against NAHT and its employees in respect of such endorsement or association.

NAHT’s privacy policy can be viewed here.