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Celebrating diversity in school leadership - #ImASchoolLeader

Building on the success of NAHT's Leaders for Race Equality book You Are Not Alone, we have launched a new member blog series – #ImASchoolLeader.

The series aims to celebrate the diversity of NAHT’s membership, highlighting the range of experiences, backgrounds and expertise that different members bring to school leadership, and the value this adds for their pupils, colleagues and school community.

We hope, in sharing aspects of members' personal and/or professional experiences, insights and sometimes struggles, the series will continue to raise awareness and understanding of the experiences and issues facing under-represented school leaders, and offer support and hope to current and future leaders. As we saw through the You Are Not Alone book, common to many stories is the impact of the school environment and how vital the support and influence of role models can be.

Use #ImASchoolLeader if you wish to join the discussion on social media about the blog series and the topics raised.

If you’re interested in sharing your own experiences as part of the series, please contact policy@naht.org.uk.

Please note that all views contained within the respective blogs are the authors' own, and do not necessarily reflect NAHT’s broader policy positions and work.

Read the blogs: