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Leadership for Sustainability


Book for Online, 23 May 2022

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Facilitator - Dr David Dixon

The DfE COP26 launch of its draft  ‘Sustainability & Climate Change Strategy’ illustrates how this area of education is hitting the mainstream. The Five Areas of Action give an idea of the expectations to be placed on schools as part of the government’s drive for carbon neutrality by 2030. This may seem daunting in the context of the plethora of initiatives schools continually face. However, it has the potential to mandate an approach to education which can be sadly lacking in this target driven world. This session illustrates how sustainability can be embedded through a school’s ‘Captaincy’ (leadership strategies), ‘Curriculum’ (content and pedagogy) and ‘Community’ (creating a ‘Learning Community’ internally and externally) and how these ‘Connect’. Apart from merely saving carbon, this can deliver so much more in terms of improving health and well-being of school stakeholders, enriching the curriculum and providing additional perspectives and possibilities for leaders. This approach is based upon the facilitator’s work in schools which has been brought together in a book to be launched in February 2022.

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Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, School Business Leaders, School Site Managers


Delegates will have a full overview of what Sustainability means in the context of schools. This to include how it can:
•    Deliver the DfE’s COP26 strategy and see it as an asset rather than a burden.
•    Assist leaders to appreciate the value of ecological/joined-up thinking, rather than ‘silver bullet’ solutions to challenges schools face.
•    Create harmony and contribute to the physical and mental well-being of stakeholders (including a ‘biophilic’ approach).
•    Contribute to ‘conventional’ notions of school improvement as recognised by Ofsted etc. and take these further.


All these aspects to be illustrated by the facilitator’s practice in school.
•    A solid understanding of the DfE’s strategy and how it can be developed in individual schools and MATs.
•    Knowing how to audit their school(s) for sustainability and how to choose areas of development.
•    How to effectively involve all school stakeholders and why this is vital.
•    Appreciating the value of support staff in delivering sustainability, particularly Site Managers and Business Managers.
•    How to use mind-maps to assist joined-up thinking.
•    Useful leadership and curriculum resources.
•    Opportunities for delegates to share ideas.



Dr David Dixon

Teacher for 15 years, Head for 20 in a variety of settings (middle, junior & primary). Director of a Children’s Centre based in 4 schools. Took doctorate and developed a ‘Green Leader’ model. Worked on ‘Leading for the Future’ eco-project with WWF (Microsoft Word - Leading for the Future Report_final.doc (wwf.org.uk) ) Articles for Headteacher Update (Lessons about community cohesion (headteacher-update.com), Forum  (Back to the future: What a project of the 1990s can tell us about today’s digital divide - Lawrence Wishart (lwbooks.co.uk) and TES ( COP26: What DfE's green plans may mean for schools | Tes News )