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Leadership for Sustainability

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm

Member - £99
Non-Member - £149

Facilitator - Alex Green

This session will help school leaders understand the action they can take in their schools to reduce their carbon impact and will cover any current funding and grant opportunities available for schools at this time.

By understanding the impact a school has, and the opportunities for change, school leaders can show their pupils, parents/carers and community that they are working to be zero carbon. They can understand their role as leaders in climate action and work to prioritise the first and next steps for action.

We will explore examples of change and routes to overcome some of the barriers faced.


School leaders - Head teachers, Deputy head teachers and SLT including SBLs. Primary, Secondary, Special and APs suitable.


By the end of this session, you will be inspired and ambitious, and know that you can take steps in your school to be leaders in climate action.  Delegates will have actions that they can take back into their schools and get started along their journey to being zero carbon.


Alex Green

Alex Green is the Schools Lead for Ashden, a climate solutions charity based in London. Alex leads on Let’s Go Zero 2030, a campaign that supports UK schools working together to be zero carbon by 2030. She sits on the DfE User Group for their Sustainability & Climate Change Strategy and previously managed Ashden’s sustainable school awards and peer to peer LESS CO2 programme for 7 years before launching the Let’s Go Zero campaign in 2020. Alex has a Masters in Environmental Management from the University of Cape Town and has previously worked running an environmental business awards scheme for a local authority, supporting small businesses to cut carbon and regulating industry at the Environment Agency