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Generate income and raise funds for your school

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Does your school need funding for additional projects? Is the funding crisis making you anxious? This full day course is the starting point for those undertaking their income journey.

The day starts off by exploring the different income streams that you and your school can utilise and how you can get the best out of your School Development Plan. There will also be real-life case studies to help motivate and inspire you, and you will also learn to write successful grant applications quickly.


  • Understand the concept of positioning your school’s vision, goals, projects and activities to parents, local community and businesses so they feel compelled to support your aspirations   
  • Explore the key elements that make Income Generation activities financially successful and we’ll begin to start forecasting against the total value of money you require 
  • Learn the most important aspects of efficiently applying for grants and how a project narrative can help you optimise the information you gather from others


  • Analyse your readiness to engage with Income Generation and begin to explore the justification for a change in the way you manage your school in becoming financially resilient
  • Practice converting items/wants into fundable projects/needs and use this to write a Project Narrative that will help communicate the justification and purpose of your project to Grant Donors   
  • Experience the “donor’s perspective” and practice aligning your project’s goals with those of the awarding Grant Donor

Pre-course preparation

Delegates should review the latest version of your School Development Plan and bring this with you to the training.  Please also bring with you a laptop with a web browser and WiFi installed in order to access the internet


Ryan Green


School Business Managers, Marketing & Communication Managers, Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Assistant Head Teachers, Finance Directors, Development Directors, Governors and Staff with a responsibility for Income Generation from Primary and Secondary.

Locations and Dates

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What people have said about this course

I found the facilitator very engaging and the training was very hands on with an aim to equip one to deliver on their goals. Overall, the course met my expectations and I am glad I attended. It also confirmed I was working in the right direction while identifying and providing tools to help make the moves to ensure improved processes. Very good training. The refreshment and venue was good as well. 

Great venue, excellent course led by a knowledgeable facilitator who understood the budget deficits education is facing and making us realise that generating income is something that everyone can do.