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Developing an Anti-racist Approach to School Leadership

Developing an anti-racist approach to school leadership
Online course

Book for 24 September

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Facilitator - Patrick Wilkins

Within the context of recent national and international events, highlighting the need for a renewed focus on tackling inequality, social justice and anti-racism, this course will provide support for school leaders in developing a positive response. Course content and interactive breakout sessions will offer opportunities for school leaders to explore the role of education in supporting their school communities to make a sustained difference to the lives of young people.

The course content will cover the challenging issues around unconscious bias, ‘white privilege’, staff recruitment, and the potential need for curriculum review. The session will also introduce a useful 'Challenge Toolkit’ providing support for school leaders at every level, in challenging racism and racial inequalities, including Anti-Semitism in the classroom and within the wider community where staff and young people are recognised as key to developing solutions.



Head teachers and senior leaders in primary, secondary and 6th forms from maintained, academies, independent, special and alternative provision settings.


Participants will be able to identify and respond to the negative impact of unconscious bias and prejudice with more confidence. All content and discussion will relate to the context of school leadership in the current social context.


Awareness of the impact of unconscious bias and support/strategies in developing genuine anti-racist school leadership style.


Patrick Wilkins

A sessional Education Worker with 34 years’ experience within the primary education sector, including 20 years as a Head teacher leading schools in the diverse areas of South Leeds and the West End of Newcastle.

Patrick is committed to the vital role education plays in developing young people with positive attitudes to diversity and equality.