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Designing a 21st Century Curriculum: Educating for Equality

Designing a 21st century curriculum: Educating for equality
Online course

Book for 26 November

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Facilitator - Sabrina Edwards

This half-day course is aimed at school leaders who want to know how they can design a school curriculum that is not only fit for the 21st century but also addresses the many injustices that are currently ingrained within society. With an understanding that any work to eradicate injustice starts with personal responsibility, reflection and individual action, participants will then explore issues and opportunities within the current national curriculum that schools do have the power to address.

This course provides opportunities to discuss your school’s current curriculum ‘diet’, explore a range of resources that could be used to further develop your curriculum offer and have a better understanding of the CPD that would need to be put in place to effect sustainable change.


Head teachers and senior leaders in primary, secondary and 6th forms from maintained, academies, independent, special and alternative provision settings


  • Use a variety of tools to reflect on and understand elements of your own identity and how they can influence your leadership practice
  • Discuss and explore a range of curriculum design issues and how they can be addressed
  • Have explored and considered the rationale behind your own school’s curriculum
  • Know what an effective, long-term CPD plan could look like for your school


  • To have an improved understanding of identity and how this influences professional practice.
  • To explore what needs to be considered to design a curriculum that ‘educates for equality’
  • To develop a plan for improving your school’s curriculum


Sabrina Edwards

Sabrina Edwards is passionate about educating for equality in all its guises. She has delivered keynote speeches and conferences on topics such as anti-racism in education and decolonising the curriculum. She has taught and been a senior leader in primary schools for over 20 years. As well as being a currently serving primary head teacher and Doctoral student, she is also the Director of Educating for Equality, where she and her team provide coaching and support to schools embarking on the Educating for Equality awards as well as inspiring CPD to school leaders across the country.