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Bring Out The Best In Your Team


Book for Online, 29 June 2022

Member - £149
Non-Member - £230

Facilitator - Carl Parker

When it comes to helping team members perform at their best we often slip into focusing our attention on individuals in key roles or on those who are underperforming. This webinar will offer practical solutions that help avoid falling into this trap.

It will explore how a “line of sight”, linked to the school’s values and mission, can be created that helps each individual ensure they are focused on what needs to be achieved and have the tools, motivation and opportunity to give of their best.

It will help leaders shift away from task setting and monitoring and instead develop a leadership culture based on objectives and achievements.

Finally, it will introduce a simple framework for working with teams and individuals so they can truly deliver.


School leaders- Heads, Deputies and SLT including SBMs. Primary and secondary suitable.


By the end of this session you will have:

-    explored why maximising performance should apply to everyone in the team;
-    identified ways of developing a clear “line of sight” so everyone knows their contribution to the overall objectives of your school;
-    practised using some simple tools to help individuals identify what they need to do to maximise their performance.



Carl Parker

Carl has worked in the not for profit sector at a senior level for over 20 years helping organisations to formulate and deliver strategy in ways that are meaningful for everyone.

His particular area of interest lies in learning and development and aligning this with the need for organisations to deliver their core mission and values. Also, in finding ways for organisations to manage less and offer leadership instead.

In previous roles he has designed an apprenticeship programme for trade union officials, written and delivered a number of management development programmes, and been responsible for learning and development across all roles for several large organisations.