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Bring Out The Best In Your Team

Time: 09:30 - 12:30

Member - £149
Non-Member - £230

Facilitator - Jane Sullivan

High performance happens when everyone is engaged and focused on achieving the school’s results.  But high performing teams don’t just happen!  They emerge when leaders ensure that everyone is valued, clearly understand their role, and can see how they contribute to the bigger picture.

When it comes to helping team members perform at their best, we often slip into focusing our attention on individuals in key line roles, and/or on those who are underperforming. We risk confusing ‘busyness’ with productivity, creating an environment where people are working – and rewarded for -   volume and presenteeism, rather than for the quality and value of their contribution.  This course offers practical solutions that help avoid falling into these traps.

Together we will explore how creating a leadership culture based on strategic objectives supports a clear “line of sight” that focuses individuals on what needs to be achieve, and a simple framework for analysing individual and team performance, so that people and teams are appropriately supported to deliver.  The course also gives thought to the importance of dialogue in supporting high performance.


School leaders- Heads, Deputies and SLT including SBMs. Primary and secondary suitable.


By the end of this session you will have:

  • explored why maximising performance should apply to everyone in the team
  • identified ways of developing a clear “line of sight” so everyone knows their contribution to the overall objectives of your school
  • practised using a simple diagnostic framework tools to help individuals and teams identify what they need to do to maximise their performance
  • explored some hints and tips for crucial conversations and supportive dialogue for high performance.


Jane Sullivan

Jane is a chartered occupational psychologist and accredited professional executive coach with 22 years consulting experience working across the public, private and third sector in the areas of organisational development, team facilitation, leadership development, and organisational culture.

Jane believes passionately in the need for good leadership, the impact of organisational culture and the need for organisations to work with people’s strengths and potential.  As an occupational psychologist, Jane always endeavours to bring a psychological perspective to her work, where relevant, to enhance awareness and understanding.  Jane’s clients include The Co-op, London First, Spinal Injuries Association, Sussex Police, Surrey Police, Darlington Borough Council, Usdaw, GMB, Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, Forum for the Future, London Boroughs of Camden, London Borough of Merton, Harrow Council, Faculty for Public Health, and The Post Office.

Jane runs her own consultancy Insight CCR Ltd, and also works as an associate for other boutique consultancies.