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Appraisal and Difficult Conversations

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Online course

Book for 16 June


Member - £49
Non-Member - £90

Facilitator - Beverley Haywood

As a staff appraiser, you have additional responsibilities in supporting colleagues who may be experiencing difficulties and in making recommendations for pay progression for all teachers on all pay ranges. This interactive course provides the appraiser with an opportunity to practise the skills and gain confidence in handling difficult conversations effectively, objectively and unemotionally.  Appraisers need the confidence to be honest in their judgements in all situations and to be competent in holding difficult conversations and acting in a timely way when concerns arise.


Appraisers in all phases who have had a limited experience in holding staff to account


  • Consider approaches for developing positive working relationships with appraisees
  • Gain confidence in holding appraisees to account
  • Explore potentially difficult issues and consider their solutions   
  • Practise strategies for holding difficult conversations
  • Clarify and practise the process for supporting staff who are experiencing difficulties


  • Consider how through appraisal you may need to lead a difficult conversation with an appraisee   
  • Consider approaches to building positive working relationships   
  • Clarify the importance of making expectations explicit   
  • Consider the importance of emotional intelligence   
  • Consider how to develop greater assertiveness in appropriate/relevant situations   
  • Explore how to prepare for the difficult conversation   
  • Practise in a supportive group how to hold a difficult conversation   
  • Evaluate your current level of expertise, analyse your strengths and areas for further development   
  •  Produce an action plan.