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The challenge of change - Leading and managing change to drive school improvement

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This course is designed to enhance your understanding of school improvement from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

Delegates will start the day by examining the complexity of change, leadership in time of change and consider different ways to influence others when initiating change. 

You will also explore the key issues which surround the successful implementation of a change: the reactions of the individuals and groups; the involvement of key stakeholders; the building of effective partnerships and practice a participative approach to project management.



  • Reflect on people's attitudes to change in order to identify ways of 'bringing them on board'
  • Identify key stakeholders, their interest, influence and power in taking forward a change in order to work on strategies to engage them fully in change
  • Consider the importance of partnership and define ways of improving partnership working
  • Explore the advantages of collaborative project planning and practise this approach in a supportive group


  • Consider the natural reactions to change
  • Consider the importance of key stakeholders and their involvement in the change
  • Define the principles of partnership working and consider ways of growing these partnerships
  • Consider the importance of trust within partnerships and ways of further building trust
  • Explore the principles of project management
  • Experience a participative approach to action planning


Dr Christine Greenland


Head Teachers and senior leaders who are responsible for initiating, leading and managing change

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What people have said about this course

I have taken away a lot of ideas to implement at school which will help the process of change easier for everyone involved.