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New to Middle Leadership: How to be an amazing Middle Leader

top tips for new to middle leadership

Online course

Book for 18 June

Excel at being a middle leaderwith a 20% member-exclusive discount! Understand the key areas. Unpick the key attributes and characteristics of middle leaders. Learn what really works when motivating and leading your team. Reflect on your strengths and learn how to develop.
This course is an interactive online training event that explains and skills up new and existing Subject and Middle Leaders. It focuses on developing leadership skills and the practicalities of leading an area or team. As well as helping staff solve some of the challenges – such as having difficult conversations with team members.

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  • Have a secure understanding of the skills required to become a great middle leader.
  • Understand how to develop, build and motivate other staff
  • Review some strategies to help you reflect on your leadership skills
  • Gain confidence in understanding accountability and demonstrating impact


  • A clear understanding of the key skills essential to this role.
  • An insight into their own strengths and areas for develop
  • Knowledge of the expectations required for exceptional middle leaders.


Caroline Bentley-Davies

Caroline Bentley-Davies is the author of 'How to be an Amazing Middle Leader' the best-selling book on middle leadership. She has worked in a Local Authority for five years with a focus on raising achievement, leadership and management. Caroline is also the author of several books for teachers including: 'How to be an Amazing Teacher' and 'The Outstanding Lessons Pocketbook'.


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