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Breakout Sessions

Intersectionality: what is it and why is it important?

Intersectionality is essential to our efforts to build equitable communities where all people can thrive.  The insights that we gain from intersectionality provide us with a strategic road map for how we may eliminate social inequality and injustice.

Aims and Objectives:
Understand how to take a cumulative approach to address systems of oppression
The importance of Intersectionality
How bias affects us all differently based on our characteristics
Understand privilege and oppression
How true inclusion is intersectional

Closing the gaps: supporting a diverse leadership pipeline in education

The landscape
The barriers
The enablers
The opportunities

Aims and Objectives:
Clearer understanding of the internal and external barriers
Commitment as an inclusive ally in how you can support

Trans Awareness - Top Tips

This entry-level session introduces key ideas and information about trans-related matters and offers top tips for allyship to trans people. 

It focusses on the inclusion of staff and workers (rather than pupils).  However, the underpinning information has wide relevance, and the resource links will include guidance and tips related to trans pupils, including GI’s own extensive resources.

Aims and Objectives:

Explain what ‘trans’ means and describe the diversity of those who might use the term
Introduce key concepts crucial to understanding trans people
List the UK legislation relating to trans identities
Outline ways to be a trans ally including some simple, practical approaches to language
Provide links to further resources and help