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Matters that concern you as an employee - know your rights and make sure you're treated fairly. 


Part-time working in schools

Your school is likely to be made up of staff on a variety of contractual arrangements: some full-time, some part-time, term-time and so on. Each group of staff is also likely to be protected by a relevant piece of legislation and best practice.

Our latest advice will guide you through the statutory and practice frameworks for part-time members of staff, look at how you can maximise your school's resources and explain how to protect yourself against any challenge if an employee raises objections to their treatment.

 This advice document includes the following: 

  • An overview of part-time working
  • Are there any circumstances where I can treat part-time employees differently?
  • If a part-time employee gets treated less favourably, what can they do? 
  • Do employees have 'the right' to work part-time?
  • How should we deal with job applicants who want to work on a part-time basis when we have clearly advertised the vacancy on a full-time basis? 
First published 21 August 2020