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Joint guidance for schools considering academy conversion

NAHT, ISBL and TheSchoolBus have released revised guidance to support schools considering academy conversion.

First launched in 2017, this resource provides schools with a clear understanding of what they need to do and consider at each stage of the process so that school leaders can confidently manage decisions around conversion, as well as the process itself. This includes the decision not to convert.

The 2019 guidance has been updated to include more information around the process and/considerations when joining a MAT, more guidance on any new requirements on academies that have occurred since 2017.

The guidance includes an FAQ section, as well as a month-by-month timeline to support those schools that decide academy conversion is right for them.

"NAHT believes every school should have the right to choose the governance arrangements it wants and the decision to become an academy should belong to the school itself. This decision should be made with the best interests of current and future pupils in mind. School leaders need to be clear from the outset what academy conversion will involve, including the importance of consulting with staff and parents at the earliest opportunity."


First published 01 March 2017